What is The Best Job Title?

Best Job Title for Google


Question:  How important is my job title when advertising online?  

Answer: Very! 

The Job Title is probably the most important part of your advert, getting it right or wrong will have a direct impact on who sees your job and the number of candidates you will receive.      

 Although the content does have some relevancy in getting your ad listed high in a search, it is the Job Title that carries the most weight.  

We’ve put together the three best tips, given to us by the job boards, to help you pick the perfect job title and ensure your advert appears at the top of all searches. 

1. Don’t use Internal Jargon 

Think carefully about what the candidates you are looking for, will be searching – not what your company wants to call the job. We recently more than tripled our client’s response rate just by changing their job title! 

Look through your person specification and pull out key skills and terms that are the most common.  Check out the importance of job titles for recruitment adverts if you’re not sure of highly searched titles, or

a quick job board search can give you some ideas of popular titles, or you can always give us a call and we will help you out.  

2. Keep it Brief 

The briefer the better.  Ideally, your job title won’t be any longer than 2 words. 

Save selling the role, or the salary and benefits for the first few lines of the advert.  Candidates can see this when they are browsing jobs from the main search result and it won’t negatively affect the visibility of your potential search result.  

3. Keep it Clean 

Google jobs has changed how we choose job titles at Flat Fee Recruiter. Whilst some of the job boards used to be fans of multiple job titles, to gain a wider audience (i.e. Account Manager / Sales Executive) Google for Jobs doesn’t feel the same way.   

Google for Jobs is looking for clear, concise (or clean) titles.  Most of the job board sites are changing the way they function, so that their jobs are featured on Google for Jobs and we want you to be up their too!  

Make sure your job title only contains one phrase to avoid appearing at the bottom of the list. 


We hope you found these tips useful in bringing you a step closer to finding your perfect candidate. 

If you’re still struggling, our copywriters can help - we’ll write you fully keyworded advert with the best job title, handpicked by our highly experienced team who really know what they are doing.  After all, it’s what they do all day, every day! 


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