All You Need to Know About Writing Job Adverts

All you Need to Know about Writing Job Adverts

This article signposts you and answers all these questions (and more).  It's all about writing job adverts and getting the best response for your job adverts:

How do I write a good job advert?
What are examples of good job adverts?
Why is it essential to proofread your job adverts?
How do I optimise my job adverts for search results?
Why aren't my job adverts performing?

Attracting applicants to your job vacancy is a huge element of the recruitment cycle and more often than not, the first point of contact an applicant has with your company is the job advert itself.

It’s important to keep in mind the purpose of the job advert when you are writing it. It is designed to attract applications to your role whilst being informative at the same time, this is not a job description. You should also be aware of where you are advertising your job and how applicants will find it, especially if you are advertising online.

You don’t have to be an industry expert to get it right; though it does help...That’s why we’re sharing our job board and advert writing knowledge so that you can master the skills and get the most of out of your job board advertising campaigns.

Lawful Recruitment Advertising: What You Need to Know

Before writing a job advert you might want to reacquaint yourself with the law, just to make sure your advert isn’t breaching any legislation.  Keep yourself up to date as this does change from time to time.  In this article, you will find all you need to know about writing a job advert that doesn't break the law.

Job Adverts vs. Job Descriptions

The key to writing a good advert is to make it just that: an advert. So many times we see adverts that are really just job descriptions and if you just copy and paste your job description into a job board, you could be missing out on attracting the best talent to your company.  This article explains how you can differentiate a job advert from a job description.

How to Proofread/Write for Online Job Boards

Since a job advert is likely to be an applicant’s first point of contact with your company, you need it to represent your organisation and give a good impression. This means you are writing a job advert for that audience and that you are proofreading your adverts. Learn how to proofread your adverts better with this blog.

Why it’s Essential to Proofread your Job Adverts

With job seekers using online job boards as the primary means of finding and applying for jobs, you need to ensure you are writing job adverts that are competitive and attractive.  Here's why it is important to proofread a job advert.

Optimising Job Board Adverts: Titles

There are lots of great tips here about getting your job advert found and some great examples of good job advert titles.  There are some examples of different job board titles and how to choose the right one for your job advert.

Optimising Job Board Adverts: Salary

A big part of attracting applicants to the job isn’t just the job role itself, but also the salary and benefits. Sometimes people just want to know that a company is competitive and fair, other times people like to know that they’re making an upwards motion and not a backwards one and that the job will support their financial obligations. So here’s how to handle the salary on your job advert.

Optimising Job Board Adverts: Location

One of the issues you will encounter when advertising a job online is how you complete the location field on the job board form. This blog explains all you need to know about mastering the location issue when writing a job advert.

5 Reasons your Job Adverts aren’t Pulling in Top Talent

There are many reasons why your recruitment advert may fail to meet expectations and subsequently result in not hiring. We have listed 5 possible reasons why your recruitment advert may not be pulling in top talent and how you can improve your chances of filling your roles with quality applicants.

We trust you can take something away from one or more of our advert writing blogs?  Here at Flat Fee Recruiter, we appreciate that not everybody has the time to write a job advert, this is why we include a full online job advert writing service with every recruitment advertising campaign.

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