10 Reasons Applicant Tracking Systems Are Great

10 Reasons ATS are good for SME

Recruitment technology is a game changer – none more so than the use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). These applicant monitoring and management platforms aren’t unattainable for the smaller company though, in fact, Flat Fee Recruiter provides its own tracking system for each and every recruitment campaign placed with us.

What are the benefits of Flat Fee Recruiter’s Applicant Tracking System for the SME?
1. Saving money

Flat Fee Recruiter is all about saving you money on your recruitment. That’s why we don’t charge extra for our applicant tracking system. It’s there to help you manage your applications and get the best results out of your recruitment campaign.

2. Saving time

Hallelujah! All your CVs come into the applicant tracking system. That means all CVs are stored in one place...your inbox isn’t clogged with CVs and you don’t have to waste time on excel spreadsheets and heavy admin. You’d be surprised how efficient and organised you feel once a system like this is in place within your company.

3. The applicants are yours

This is perhaps something that you didn’t know about Flat Fee Recruiter – because all applications come into our ATS, they are yours. They don’t go into a talent pool and no other company has access to them. They are your applicants and you can hire as many of them as you like with no change to our fee.

4. Organising your applicants

Arrange your applicants into stages: unsuccessful, short list for line manager to view, arrange the first interview etc. This is a clear and easy way to monitor your applications and keep a record of them and since they’re yours you can always go back to your shortlist for future vacancies. The Flat Fee Recruiter dashboard gives a really useful overview of where you’re up to in the selection process too so you always feel in-the-know and in control.

5. Enhancing your communication

We can’t stress the importance of communicating with your applicants enough, that’s why with most ATS' (including Flat Fee Recruiter's ATS) you can send out email communications en masse informing your applicants of where they are in the recruitment process.

6. Simple screening

With an application monitoring system like ours, we can set it up so that applicants need to answer screening questions when they apply for your role. Setting up these questions can help you sift through applications quicker as the system has already screened them for you.

7. Hassle-free interview booking

A really handy feature of Flat Fee Recruiter’s ATS is that it integrates with Microsoft Office to provide employers and applicants access to an online booking facility. No more back and forth phone calls and diary checking – the system provides a calendar for you to put on your availability and the applicants can go in and select a time slot with you at a mutually convenient time.

8. Ease of access to key information

You can download all CVs, Cover Letters and Question answers straight to your desktop (or just view them online if you prefer). All the key information you need to make your hiring decisions is available for you to review in one central point which you have long-term access to.

9. You’re in full control

Everybody involved in the recruitment process can have access to the ATS, you can decide who sees what. So if you have a Hiring Manager responsible for one department, they can log in and only see the jobs relevant to them.

Your recruitment is in your hands – we just provide the tools to make it easier.

10. Streamlining the recruitment process

With everything in one place, you can be confident that a piece of recruitment technology like an ATS will do wonders for streamlining your recruitment process. You, your hiring managers, your applicants and your recruitment suppliers are all in the know at every stage. This not only improves business efficiency but also improves your attractiveness as an employer.

This revolutionary recruitment tool is provided within Flat Fee Recruiter’s recruitment advertising service. So, in addition to 30+ leading job boards, your own Account Manager and a professionally written advert, Flat Fee Recruiter also helps you manage your applications too.

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