HR - Adra

We switched over to using Flat Fee Recruiter about 6 months ago and it has made a huge difference to our recruitment campaigns. The FFR team are really friendly, and they provide a quick, and most of all a cost-effective service, which has helped to push Adra’s brand far further than with previous agencies. We have seen our applications increase significantly in that period, which is in part due to the targeted campaigns they offer. If there is a job where there doesn’t seem to be much interest initially, FFR will boost the listing at no extra cost, or hassle. The easiest and friendliest advertising company we’ve dealt with by a country mile!

Thanks again :)


One low fixed cost.

Just £269.

How does it work?

Track every single CV.

Full control.

Really? Tell me more.

One advert, 30 job boards.

High visibility.

Which job boards?

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