How to Write a Cover Letter?

how to write a cover letter

A cover letter builds on the information in your CV – it allows you expand a little bit further on your skills and also allows for a personalised pitch as to why the company should hire you i.e. why you’re suitable for the role and what you can provide the company. 

Here’s a template that will help you structure and write your cover letter: 

Dear Sir/Madam (or the hiring manager’s name if known)

Try to find out the addressee, it is always advised to use the Hiring Manager’s name is you know it, but if not go for ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. Try to avoid colloquial tones such as ‘Hi’. 

Paragraph 1 – Why you’re writing the letter

In your introductory paragraph, you want to state briefly why you’re writing the cover letter and be clear which job you are looking to apply for (and where you saw it advertised). 

i.e. I would like to be considered for the position of Sales Manager (ref. Xyz) as seen advertised on Flat Fee Recruiter Jobs. 

If you were referred to the job via a personal contact, you should state their name in this section.

Paragraph 2 – Why you’re suitable for the job

Moving on to paragraph 2, you should take this opportunity to explain why you are suitable for the role. Briefly, describe your professional and academic qualifications relevant to the advertised role and don’t forget to refer to the skills section of the job advert. 

Paragraph 3 – What you can do for the company

Within a cover letter, a part of selling yourself is to outline what you can do for the company in return. What can you bring to the table, what are your goals and objectives that would be received positively by the company? In the example of Sales Manager, you could emphasise your good relationships with your contacts and your confidence in bringing these with you as leads in your new role.  

Paragraph 4 – Thanks for your time

Thank the recipient for their time and consideration and indicate your desire for an interview. You may also put in here your availability for interview and your salary requirements. 

Yours sincerely 

Make sure your couple your cover letter with a well written and well laid out CV to increase your chances of getting that all-important interview.


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