Top Twitter Tools to Help you Recruit

Top Twitter Tools to Help you Recruit

Social and mobile recruiting has been a big topic of conversation in recent years with Twitter featuring highly in many social recruitment campaigns. If you are one of the thousands of companies that turn to Twitter to recruit – we like this!

You might have seen our previous blog top 10 tips to use Twitter recruit so we won’t go over the same things again. Instead, this blog focuses on tools you can use alongside Twitter to really gain command of your social recruitment.

Key tools and apps to help you recruit on Twitter:


Crowdfire, previously known as JustUnfollow, allows you to keep track of your followers and gives you feedback on your posts. This is useful in social recruitment because you can see what is and isn’t working i.e. which posts lost you followers and which ones gained them. By followers here we’re thinking job seekers.


Twellow is a search engine that allows you find users and lists by searching for keywords – we’re thinking you could utilise this tool to headhunt or to suss out your competition?


FollowerWonk is essential Twitter analytics providing you a range of statistics about who your followers are and how they use twitter i.e. when they tweet, what keywords they use, their follower counts etc. This information can be useful from a competitor viewpoint i.e. what kind of thing are other people using to advertise their jobs? And from a job seeker point of view – what kind of keywords are they interested in?

Mention – Alerts when set keyword is mentioned

Consider Mention to be a bit like Google Alerts because that’s essentially what it is...but for Twitter. It sends you emails when someone mentions a keyword you have stated that you are interested ‘Sales, Leeds’. This means you can target specific people with your jobs that you know are more interested. It will also give you a feel for the jobseeker market by seeing the volume of mentions you are receiving.

This is a great site for measuring a hashtag’s worth so-to-speak. When you search for a hashtag such as #recruitment, it tells you the estimated tweets per hour (and thus when is best to send your tweet out) as well as giving you the low down on who tweets about this most and who is talking about it now. You can also see related hashtags at the bottom which is really useful to make your tweets different and broaden your catchment, for example, you could use #career #job or #vacancy as well.

There’s a bunch of tools and apps you can use but here are a few to get you started. Depending on how deep into social recruitment you want to go will influence how you use the apps but they are good to know about and provide useful information...and they save you so much time.

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