Top Tips to Recruit via Facebook - Beat the Coronavirus!

Facebook jobs coronavirus

There is no doubt that Coronavirus has changed the face of business as we know it. However, unlike many years ago when we only had newspapers to advertise our vacancies, recruitment has evolved in such an incredible way that we can potentially achieve anything at the touch of a button!

In particular, Facebook has become a huge social media machine for socialising online but also for shopping, playing games…and recruitment! Over the past two weeks, candidate numbers have skyrocketed and people are looking for work on Facebook.

Facebook may not have been something you would have considered before as an option for recruitment but if you are looking to recruit quickly then it may be the perfect choice for your business! Unlike the ordinary News Feed that you will see on a standard Facebook Page, Facebook Jobs is a part of Facebook, like Marketplace and Events, that is dedicated to recruitment!

facebook jobs coronavirus

So, we have come up with the Top Tips for advertising your vacancy on Facebook. 

  • Branding – You’ll need to set up a page for your business from which you can upload your vacancies and advertise YOUR BRAND! One of the best things about advertising on Facebook is that IT’S FREE so get your brand everywhere! Have a short description of your business ready and you’ll need to work on a Cover Photo and Profile Photo.
  • Visuals – You don’t need to be an Adobe expert to create visuals for your company page. With programs like Canva you can easily create visuals. It allows you to choose the size of your image and has prepared templates for you to choose from. Here are the things you will need to create:
  • Cover Photo – This is the image that will be across the top of your business page.
  • Profile Photo – This will be your main photo for your business so your logo or some unique image will be needed. 

Facebook jobs cover photo

  • Vacancy Photo – You can attach an image as part of your vacancy and you should create a visual that accurately portrays the job. Canva has a library of photos you can choose from but you should also place part of your brand into the image.

Facebook Jobs coronavirus

Facebook jobs coronavirus

  • Content – Once your page is set up it is easy to post your vacancy. You just click the Create a Job icon!  Have a brief description of your vacancy and what the job entails. Try to keep it as brief as possible as no candidate wants to read through pages of description. What is the job? Where is the job? What is the salary? What are the benefits? How to apply.

Facebook jobs coronavirus

  • Apply – On Facebook recruitment pages there will be an option for people to click Apply and you will receive a notification in your messages of applications. From your page’s Inbox, you will be able to see who has applied and be able to message them on Facebook to ask for a CV.  Also, unlike other Job Boards, you can ask candidates to directly apply via an email in the body of the advert or if you already have an Applicant Tracking System you may want to guide them to another website. Bitly is a program that converts web addresses into trackable short links that you can place in your advert. Bitly also allows you to see the number of clicks on said link. 
  • Groups – There are many local, regional groups that are specifically set up for advertising vacancies and for people looking for work in said areas. Join these groups so that you can advertise your vacancy and look for local candidates.

We hope this has helped, let us know how you get on. Don’t forget that at Flat Fee Recruiter we include Facebook Jobs as part of our standard package and can promote your jobs throughout the site for you.  Why not call us today to see how we can help you recruit, really quickly...


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