Tips for Creating Recruitment Videos in 2022

Video is now an integral part of the recruitment process and the best way to showcase your company, brand, and job to potential candidates.  Not only will more candidates find, click, apply and share your job, but it will also give your applicants an opportunity to invest emotionally with your company and brand, which in turn makes for a better recruitment process as you are less likely to have no-shows or speak to candidates who know nothing about your business.

Before you go jumping in, we would advise having a plan and discussing your objectives with our team so that we can ensure you have the right kind of content, on the right websites in line with your budget and goals.

To help you get started, we have put this video together which highlights the 5 video jobs/recruitment adverts that Flat Fee Recruiter can help you with. 

 If you want to have a go at producing your own job / company videos, we have pulled together our Top 5 Tips.


Our top tips for creating awesome recruitment videos in 2022 are: 


1. What do you want your video to do? 

There are a variety of places you can publish your video advert once created, but knowing what you want to actually do with it before you start will determine the style, type and content which will help you plan.  Perhaps you want to use video to promote a live job and accompany a text advert, or are you wanting to promote the overall company culture on a social profile?  

2. Keep it short 

The average amount of time candidates spend watching video jobs is 1.36 minutes, facebook stories are up to 1-120 seconds long and Instagram video stories are just 15 seconds .  According to LinkedIn, candidates will spend just 14 seconds deciding on whether to apply to a written advert, and shorter job posts receive 8.4% more applications per view than average.  We recommend using your viewing time wisely and getting the key message / culture / benefit out.  At the end of the day, you want candidates to apply and be keen to hear more.

3. Sell your company/job

Use humor, make it fun, avoid using buzzwords and boring corporate language.  Candidates want to know what it is really like to work for your company, real humans & good transparent vibes.  You want them to connect and relate to your culture.  It doesn't have to be a polished Hollywood blockbuster - it needs to be true and really sell what it is like to work for you.  Check out these most talked about recruitment videos. 

4. Use what you have

You don't need fancy cameras and production studios.  A smartphone and a free editing app will be more than suitable.  Think about lighting behind the camera person and test the sound if you are using different devices / locations.

5. Include a call to action

How does the candidate apply to the job, how do you encourage them to put forward their application?  Just like you would have an "apply now" section on your text job advert, your video advert needs to clearly identify how a candidate will get in touch and submit their interest. 


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