Recruitment Goal during the World Cup

Recruitment During The World Cup

Score! The World Cup is here but how is this going to affect the working world during this time? According to Canada Life Group Insurance, almost 2.4 million employees will be affected by the World Cup flu and may require time off work to recover (1 in 8 will apparently call in sick during this period!). It’s been reiterated in many blogs and articles how to manage your off-side employees during this innocuous period (see below for links) but how exactly is it going to affect recruitment?

It has become more and more the norm to be on tablet and smartphone devices when watching television with a staggering 48% of people doing so using their device to email, view web pages and access social networks.   This figure is anticipated to increase during large world events such as the Olympics and World Cup. I hope you see where we’re going here...

  • During the 2012 Olympics job boards saw an upturn of applications made in July and August nationwide.
  • Facebook and Twitter are fighting for real-time conversations.
  • Tom Ramsden, global brand marketing director for Adidas football says: “This will undoubtedly be the most social World Cup ever and probably the most social event in history.”
  • Ronaldo, part of Nike’s World Cup push, is the world’s most popular sportsman on Twitter with 26.5 million followers.

Now imagine Joe Soap; he wants to watch the England match but his boss won’t let him leave an hour early.  So, very disgruntled, he actively engages with the World Cup via social media on his mobile.  Whilst there; maybe he sees a tweet about a new job, maybe he checks out his competition’s website for jobs or maybe one of his pals simply likes a recruitment agency page on Facebook.

There are bound to be a whole number of scenarios like the above, but hopefully, it has made you think a little about how you can implement the World Cup into your recruitment strategy.  Are you advertising your roles on social media? Is your career site mobile friendly? Can passive applicants easily get in touch with you? Do you stand out from your competitors?  What is the penalty (< wheyy) for your staff management regarding the World Cup (think about your brand)?

This could be a fantastic opportunity to improve your employer brand, broaden your applicant catchment area and attract passive job seekers when advertising your roles over the World Cup period, especially if you are planning to use twitter or facebook.

Don’t forget that as part of our £269 recruitment service, the Flat Fee Recruiter will advertise your job across social media and ensure that the applicants can easily apply from a mobile phone. We will also be watching our mobile statistics and applications and will report back later on how it was affected.

For articles on how to manage your employees (and absenteeism) over this period see links below: