5 Tips to Use Facebook to Recruit

5 Tips to use Facebook to Recruit

Social media is becoming increasingly popular for job seekers to find new positions as they can engage more closely with a brand than ever before. Previously, we’ve addressed how you can utilise Twitter and LinkedIn to recruit for a position and now our attention is turned to the social media giant itself, Facebook. A staggering 85% of internet users have Facebook accounts, more poignantly 47% of job seekers have used Facebook to job search in the past year and 42% of users proactively mention brands in their status updates. It is clear then that Facebook can be used as a powerful tool in your company’s marketing strategy and should be considered when recruiting.

Here are some things to consider when using Facebook in your recruitment strategy:

1. Facebook Career Page 

Focus on getting your career page consistent and in line with your company brand, your values and ethos so that prospective applicants can learn about the company and culture before applying for vacancies. This will result in a higher quality of applicants applying for your vacancies as they will be more informed about your company, values and expectations.

2. Interesting and Current Content

As well as posting current vacancies on your Facebook page, also post interesting and current material relating to your business and industry. Utilising Facebook in this way means that you can benefit in areas such as increased brand awareness and increased engagement not only with applicants but also within the industry.

3. Targeted Adverts

Facebook also lets you target ads depending on location, likes & interests, workplace, education etc. Using Pay Per Click adverts in this way may help you promote those ‘hard to fill’ vacancies to the right people.

4. Be Responsive

Engage, communicate and understand your current and prospective employees on your Facebook page and other social media platforms as this allows you to harness relationships much earlier in the recruitment process than traditional methods of recruitment and keep your talent warm and interested in your company.

5. Schedule & Monitor

Managing social media accounts is time-consuming and can be laborious, especially when it needs to be done within the working day.  Job seekers mostly come out at night or weekends when they have more spare time to commit to job seeking. Targeting these individuals, without having to dedicate your life to social media, is actually easy to address. Facebook allows you to schedule posts and monitors the response, so you can schedule your vacancies when your target audience is most active and monitor this to tailor future recruitment campaigns accordingly.

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