Using Boolean to Search CV Databases

Boolean Search for Passive Candidates

Searching vast CV databases can seem a little daunting.  Most have got really good search fields to use like Salary, Location, skills, length of time on the database, but depending on the volume of potential candidates, your results could still show more than you need.  This is where using Boolean logic in the keyword field will really help you.

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Online Video Interviewing - Top Tips to Keep Recruitment Moving

Video Interviews

We want to give you the best tools to improve your business, recruitment, and processes so, considering the current situation with the coronavirus, we thought it would be a good idea to share our knowledge on video interviewing.

You will probably be using online video tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype or even WhatsApp to help you and your peers communicate and work from home.  These are all very handy and allow for multiple person video calls, but if you are still recruiting and considering online interviews, then there are specific tools on the market to help you plan, organise, rate and integrate better into your recruitment process. 

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Reed CV Database Search

At Flat Fee Recruiter, we are really excited to be the first fixed fee recruiter to partner the Reed CV database search!  This is aimed to bolster your direct hiring strategy and target the passive job seekers (candidates who may not be actively applying for jobs).

We already have some great results from clients who have been testing it.  So why not Be Savvy and get access to the top talent before the recruitment agencies or your competition. 

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Careers Pages With Every Advert

Your Company Careers Web page for Recruitment

Engaging with applicants and getting them all revved up about your company can be hard work - especially when you are competing with lots of other similar jobs on the internet.

This is why Flat Fee Recruiter has designed a bespoke career landing page to accompany all job adverts. 

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How do Applicant Tracking Systems Make Screening CVs Easier?

Applicant Tracking Systems:  Screening CV's

Recruitment technology / AKA: Applicant Tracking Systems might sound expensive and techy and an additional thing to think about...but it isn’t! Honestly! Applicant Tracking Systems can be inexpensive and are an absolute lifesaver in terms of saving time and money on your recruitment. So what is an Applicant Tracking System and how can it help you recruit smarter?  

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