Optimising Job Board Adverts : Salary

Optimising Job Board Adverts : Salary

Actually getting your advert seen by the right candidates and optimised on a job board site can be one of the most challenging tasks within the recruitment advertising and attraction process.  There are a number of key areas that need to be mastered in order to ensure your job advert is seen by the maximum number of relevant candidates.

In this second episode, we tackle the issue of salary and answer the question:

How you complete the salary field on a job board site?

When job seekers search for jobs they search 1. Job title 2. Location and 3. Salary. A salary can attract applicants to your company but it can also be used to deter applicants whose current experience and the corresponding salary is a lot lower than advertised. It is always beneficial to show your salary for these reasons however you must do your research: is your salary competitive in the market place?

If you advertise a Marketing Executive position in London the likelihood is that there will be many competitor companies also recruiting for the same job in the same location, you need to make sure that your remuneration package is also competitive to land top talent, Flat Fee Recruiter can advise on this. For example, you might have a position that pays hourly, per annum, pro rata etc. Regardless of the type of pay, the big decision is firstly whether this is competitive in the market and secondly if you are prepared to share this with job seekers. Some companies don’t disclose the salary on their vacancy advertisements. This might be because they are aware the salary isn't competitive in the market or because it could cause disruption internally.

Top Tip

Job board sites allow you to post an advert as ‘competitive’ or ‘negotiable’ which is good if you don’t want to disclose it for reasons already mentioned, but this can actually deter applicants who would like to know that they’re not going for a role too senior, or junior, or just because they need to know the salary for their financial responsibilities.

Flat Fee Recruiter has spent years analysing the results of adverts across all the job boards and continues to do so.  Once a vacancy is advertised across multiple job boards, we monitor its success throughout the campaign, recording and analysing the results and making changes if required.  This means that we ensure that every advert placed on a job board is seen by as many relevant candidates as possible, whether you disclose the salary or not.

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