Optimising Job Board Adverts: Location

Optimising Job Board Adverts: Location

Actually getting your advert seen by the right candidates and optimised on a job board can be one of the most challenging tasks within the recruitment advertising and attraction process. There are a number of key areas that need to be mastered in order to ensure your job advert is seen by the maximum number of relevant candidates.

One of the issues you will encounter is how you complete the location field on the job board form. For example, if you have an office-based role then choosing the town as the primary location field would be the best solution to get your advert found by the most local candidates. However, if you have a field sales position then choosing the county or the region that the person is covering would be the best solution, as this would widen your catchment area of prospective applicants.

It may surprise you to learn that the classification of counties, regions and “shires” can all be categorised differently by each job board. For example, one job board assumes Sheffield is in the North East whereas another would classify Sheffield as South Yorkshire.  It is therefore important that you understand how your job board classifies the location search facility and how the applicant would search for a job on that site.

The correct posting of your vacancy will determine the success of your campaign both in terms of the volume and the quality of the applications but, as we have demonstrated, it is subjective depending on the job board you choose.  Furthermore, imagine the confusion if you or your team are posting job adverts to multiple job board sites…

Flat Fee Recruiter has spent years analysing the results of adverts across all the job boards and continues to do so.  Once a vacancy is advertised across multiple job boards, we monitor its success throughout the campaign, recording and analysing the results and making changes if required.  This means that we ensure that every advert placed on a job board is seen by as many relevant candidates as possible, whether you are recruiting an office based person or a field sales agent.

If you would like to experience just how easy we can make job board advertising for you please contact us at or on 0113 3227243 and we will draft and post your vacancy to attract top talent to your business.

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